Hi! I’m Rara
I like creating good stuff,  with good people, for good causes. And sometimes just for fun.

Continuosly looking for exciting projects and collaboration!

Human Experience Designer
I’m exploring new human-technology experience : beyond GUI, between devices, interface and system. Then prototype them beyond sketches.

I believe every products should be meaningful, made for human, creating moment of delight and surprise! I’m interested on what technology can do, but also what on technology can undo.

I graduated Innovation Design Engineering program at Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. 

Currently I’m a service designer in Wunderman Thompson Helping innovative company to innovate, specially  in Asia-Pacific region

Selected brands  I worked with



A.I Workshop...coming soon
Teaching online sprint class at Lingkaran
Workshop with ministry of human resource
Speaking Post COVID Trendcasting at Young Designer Strike

Speakingshift in digital interaction at Giza Lab mentify
Hiking to Annapurna!!!
Speaking in Make an Impact

Storyboard workshop for product design  at Mirum!
Teaching experience design class at lingkaran
Mentoring group for social innovation project at YSEALI Summit
Speaking about design research Suroboyo Creative Week 2019


A lot of my passion is around learning. I’m a hardcore learner.
Whether it’s self-taught python programming or Chopin’s etude playing.

I often spend my weekend becoming urban escapist, doing hackaton,  or creating digital illustration
Also, I like bird(s)