Accelerated Future

Rethinking marketing, products and services for the new normal

I co-authored 70 pages trendcasting report on how behavioural shift post COVID affecting product, marketing and services. The report building future scenario based on three-main drivers : lockdown, economic turnoil and fear of infections that leading 13 trends.  We also map brand opportunity in activiation, communication and service innovation

Trend Contributed

Emotional Virtual Connection

Home Utopia

Experiential eating

DIY Citizen

Community Watch

Collective Solidarity

Eating well

Cross Impact Analysis

We also analyse how each trend affecting different sector of Wunderman Thompson’s client industry

Young Designer Strike -August 2020
LIngkaran WNTT- July 2020
Gizalab : How COVID 19 changing our digital interactions

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Research l Horizon Scanning
Analysis  l Futures Table, Cross-Impact Analysis
Writing l 7 out of 13 trends
Report Design l Visual design & data visualization

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 Project Member : Larasati, Sasha Kohar, Lody Andrian,Kautsar Anggakara

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