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Early 2020 Dancow launched NutriTods, a new programme to support the growth of Toddler and Pre-Schooler. Inside that programme, we created several tools and NutriTods 101 is one of it. This tool helps Mom to track the growth based on activity that their children can do and also provide stimulation advice to help Mom as well. This combination helps mom to understand their child growth and stimulate their child's learning capabilities.

What if Dancow can help moms to celebrate
everyday moments as stimulation opportunities?



As a part of inspiration gathering We conduct series of observations in pre-school camps, kindergarten and playgroundto understand better child learning context, we also asked some parent to become a mystery shopper when participating in a class of their choice which are sponsored by our company, in order to gain better perspective from the mom. We also combinde the inspiration gathering session with Depth interview with parents and expert in child development.




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