Combination of tenun batik and leather, with metal accent. Specially made for a woman who posses Javanese beauty spirit. This is an original design for kriya kertas company product design development

Asta made for socialite woman with high heritage value. They are trendy and fashionable in their mid thirty.  Most of them are a career woman or married with rich people, live in the metropolitan city. The target High Economy Level and have the willingness to purchase luxury.

Beside their glamour lifestyle and fanatic with the branded product. They also have a moment of possessing traditional Indonesian Spirit. Mostly when appearing in in a wedding reception or formal ceremony. They need a product that can suit traditional Indonesian clothes, the fanatic and totally fashionable in appearance will drive to buy a matching product

Design process.

Start with the design idea, which reflecting the elegant and exclusive image.

3D Modelling

Making process

The processes started by selecting batik fabric using collate method to turn it into one whole composition. After that, the composition is ready for the weaving method. The weaving technique is special made in Majalaya, west java. After we are getting the exclusive tenun batik. The clutch was sewed in combination with another material such as Italian leather and metal
Sketch developmet

Final Design

Asta for a woman who posses Javanese beauty spirit

2013 © Larasati in colaboration with kriya kertas.
some of the model pictufor the product photo was taken from this website 
for academic purpose ony 

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