IMAGINARIUM is an air purifier that provides the best sleeping environment, combined wit

Imaginarium is the Semi-Finalist of Electrolux Design Lab 2015.

Human spends 30% of their time for rest nd sleep, and more for children. While we are sleeping at night, our body is recharging and restoring itself, providing us with energy to face the next day. Imaginarium provide best sleep environment so that people can wake up in healthy and happy condition.

Imaginarium purify the air from with microfilters, cleaning dust, disinfect all bacteria that triggering allergy and providing best air quality for sleep.Imaginarium and also provide a custom scent, and Lightwave, which research found can help relax our body and mind while we are asleep. The Unique point, Imaginarium can reveal dream content from brain activity during sleep. With magnetic resonance imaging Technology, Imaginarium can detect human brainwave, decode the wave into dream activity and then visualize the dreams by Holographic projection technology in the bedroom. Research showed that while they sleep, children are still in alpha waves, which can receive stimulation and vibration of love and affection his parents. Projected into the room with which family can see interact in the dream.

Imaginarium restore a sense of wonder in everyday life, providing pure and best quality in sleeping provide a magical way of interaction that brings stronger bond of parent kids and whole new level of engagement in the family in busy modern life.

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