96x91x92cm l Plastic, acrylic, metal tube, mix media

Shopping trolley with line follower technology for the visually impaired which can guide the direction. Equipped with barcode scanners and voice recognition as an input to the processor. and the trolley is giving sound as an output.  watch  the DEMO here
This the assignment for Industrial product design of technology innovation. The design process is conducted in collaboration with other disciplines, such as electrical engineering and system design with the scope of implementation concept in the local supermarket, foreseeing the application of future product development at a certain degree of complexity.

Design Process

Shopping is always a challenge for visually impaired people. as some supermarket has
No pets policy, The blind often dependon another person, and many conduct miscommunication happens during the process: lack attention to the product details, poor service.

They need to explore the environment to train their motoric ability. It's good to interact in public spaces for a new experience and avoid stress. They also need the help of means of support orientation and mobility, to overcome the limitations.

This project explores how technology can be applied to help accessibility and provide new experiences for the Blind in the shopping center?


Sketch and Development

Product Feature
Using a 200W x2 motor with the rear wheel drive system. LC 298 IC and AT Mega 2156 8 bit Processor The entire design is based on the research and need of the visual impaired person. Small-size basket regarding their small quantity shopping, special place to put their belonging and special control panel design and placement of speaker for communications. The motor is specially programmed, so the trolley speed will depend on the handle pressure.

The hardest part is making the lower part: managing the electronic and calculating the right motor power and torsion for trolley stability. It also programmed so that the trolley speed will depend on the handle pressure. I collaborate electrical engineering student for the programming.

Shoppy final mockup. Scale 1:2
the system can w ork automatically as line follower,
although a further development is needed for voice recognition parts.
Certain grocery list database also needs to be developed in the supermarket where Shoppy operated.
watch  the DEMO here

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