PSP : Improving the onboarding experience of diabetic users new to insulin Injections in Indonesia 


Client’s studies found that many diabetics in Indonesia found challenges to adhering with their doctor-prescribed treatment, making it difficult for patients to improve their conditions. In efforts to address this issue, Novo Nordisk has created a Patient Support Program (PSP) that aims to assist patients in navigating their new lifestyle post-diagnosis.



Depth Interview & Focus Group Discussion

Greater Jakarta-based diabetic patients were recruited for focus group discussions and in-depth interviews surrounding their perception on diabetes, health, and lifestyle changes post-diagnosis

HCP Interview

Healthcare professionals were interviewed to gain an understanding of the epidemic from their points of view
Data triangulation

Additional data sources to triangulate the data points to identify growth opportunities. Including data analysis from  



Product and service iterations that takes into account the local nuances and needs, including message channel and communication style,
that will work for for the Indonesian market.

 Interview Recap Deck & Insight Video

Insight Zine. click for more details

 Mini Exhibition

6 Opportunity Areas, 6 Values Proposition, 11 Service Concepts
that tested on participant group in form of brochure concept that shared via chat application


Research l Depth Interview with patients and HCP l Survey on the call-centre l Sacrificial concept creation
Workshop l Workshop facilitation 
Design l Create design brief for the content team
Exhibition l Exhibition design, concept and visual
Testing l Deploy the concept brochure to the respondent Whatsapp group to gain feedcback

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