Aura is a provocative headpiece which demonstrates the power of physical interaction in future urban spaces.
In a world where urbanisation is on the rise, spaces are becoming denser but also increasingly isolating, particularly with the prevalence of digital communication. Aura addresses these trends by highlighting the value of in-person interaction through smiling. Rippling light across your face, Aura enhances your smile and celebrates your awareness of its power.

Everytime you smile it will light up. and when other smile at you it will warm up

How it works
To detect self smile, we use EMG sensor as an input that process and used to trigger neo-pixel LED. To capture other people smile, the camera is embedded in the headpiece, and connected to raspberry, which uploading data to the cloud and emotion API serfice. Everytime the camera detect smile, it will be processed and trigger an selectric current that run through customized heatpach, producing warmness in your cheeks. Aura create this reinforced feeling of how smile might affecting human being, and remind us the beauty and importance of physical interaction


Inspiration Board
Elegant  l  Eclectic  l  Symmetric
The design was inspired by art deco movement, which embodying the same spirit
in the attention to detail and celebrating the ability that we already have

Shape exploration
We create big decision to make it as headpiece, as anything that stay in the face could be very intrusive. But again, we want people to smile at your face, not some where in your shoulder. Wearing soething very strong can also be like a statement as well as reminder, that you celebrating the power of smile.

every design decision is made forsake the tech function. the EMG sensors need to touch 3 point at your cheek,
2 for muscle movement and 1 for reference. All the curvy design, is literally represent the power that flowing inside.

Material Exploration

The final piece was crafted by hands, with all the wiring and electonic embeded in the tube.
Despite the aesthetic, the design itself is very functional and supporting the technology.

2017 © Anisha Kanabar, Larasati, Orfeo NicolaiSarah Cronin Rodger

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