we wanted to illustrate through a chain reaction the creative thinking process that an innovator use.

How do we create? Why?
What is the journey that an innovative mind goes through to create the future?

As part of Imperial Festival, the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace invites visitors to walk through an interactive exhibition
showcasing the successive steps of innovation, from the concept to the final product as a physical allegory of creative thinking.  

6 machines have been built by the students for represents those steps..
Using the ping pong ball as the representation of the idea that will travel through the machine .
I was trusted to working on the concept art of the exhibition

The interactive exhibiton

Take a ball, and customise it with your ‘spark’. Then follow its journey through
the chaotic world of Continuum and watch it evolve through the innovation process into something extraordinary

The Interactive exhibition that was first displayed at this year's Imperial Festival and went on to be selected
to exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum's Friday Late this July

Continuum project bring together students and staff from various departments across the college,
from Innovation Design Engineering, Design Engineering, Electronic Engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry or Aeronautics.
This multidisciplinary team has the chance to get to work in a new and creative way,
learning from each other and from experienced designers.
A unique experience and an exceptional team

2017 © Continuum Team

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