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Large ocean going ships are required to have safe boarding arrangements to embark and disembark personnel to and from pilot vessels. Such personnel will include the ship’s crew, maritime pilots (to maneuver ships through dangerous or congested waters), marine surveyors, and regulatory inspectors.

The most common boarding method is by pilot ladder - a rope ladder whose design and construction is specified by international regulation under the ‘SOLAS’ regime. The process of transfer using a pilot ladder has not changed for hundreds of years and still results in many fatalities and accidents worldwide.

The project aim is to redesign pilot ladder, that used for ship-to-ship transfer. We make a better design which not using whitting, combining light fibreglass with wood for better grip, plus a flash feature to improve visibility and documentation of the ladder condition

First prototype

the step is equipped with visual indicator on the bottom half of the step with the objective of helping pilots identify whether or not a step is aligned or in good condition. In the same way, the ropes will show their position and state. the good ladder condition will reflect a light every time a light is pointed at it, and the steps and ropes will be set square.

The rope also made rubber material on the outside will glow or shine like visual indicators of the steps when it is new and strong, and will progressively loose this glow with time: it should shine in a perpendicular way to the steps.
Second protyp

The new design is stronger and lighter. we also anti-slipping and longer-lasting materials and replace the current materials with these new ones. For the moment we are making the structure of the step more efficient and robust.

The steps are simplified. Instead of 5 part like traditional ladder, They are made out of two pieces instead of 5 by making the “wingets” part of the structure, which means more stability for the pilot. less part also mean less risk in breaking join and reduction of manufacturing cost. the step has replaceable wood steps that can be exchange for new ones when damage occurs. It is screwed, and can be replaced safely, with little skill.

We hope to count with the LRF to promote safer measures and tools at sea.
The idea of the Expressive Ladder is to introduce small changes over a period of time and as these changes are introduced, the pilot’s safety and the knowledge of everyone involved in the task will increase. The horizons of implementability that complement the Expressive Ladder aim to introduce gradual change in disparate locations with the understanding that distinct areas of the world operate on different time frames

70x42x40cm l Fiberglass l Rotational Casting
2017 © Elliot Rogosin, Larasati, Alice Miksova, Marcos Soarez

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