is an intelligent website platform that using AI Vision technology to boost consumer experience and engagement.
Its simply make it easier to input data of lost and found.

It started when i lost my phone
I cannot contact anyone that can help me because i cannot remember their number, the police cannot help,
i try to borrow stranger’s phone, but all lost and found platform require sign in or download, but I cannot even log into my own Facebook or e-maill.
This inspires me for my solo, I work to understand the world of lost and found,
and find how people behave in the system and make a journey of lost object, and  learn the hierarchy of the people who handle it.  

I map 3 type of stakeholder involves, i  gather their insight and paint point.
the owner want to give extra effort, plus a reward, the finder wants an easy way to report item.
and the lost and found party looking for benefit in exchange of taking care of the thing.

Therses 2 big problem i found which is : Recording the document, typing stuff
and the other one is trust : trust with the exisiting institution, trust with strannger

How Matters is better

With MATTERS basically the finder upload image picture
that will be extracted to the API
, the owner type description, when image from the finder and description from the owner is match. Matters will exchange their contact

This is how the interaction between the stakeholders when they use MATTERS, its faster and more options to meet up.
MATTERS is also integrated system where you can reward the finder
and have your item delivered to you with pre paid post.


Every step, every page and every single page in matters is based on research insight, From the feature,
I turned that into a wireframe and refined based on people feedback and user test.
I think the image on the platform is embody the feeling that there is unseen force in the universe.


Working Prototype

To learn more, i try my best to achieve working prototyping stage, i cannot code at all, and i start to learn python in two weeks. Unfortunately, my Django server is not ready.  To make the MVP, I use a platform called thungkable,what i made in here  can recognise image and I already set that this laptop belongs to larasati,  and another object should say “MATTERS will find the owner.”

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