Stanley Backscratcher

 We wanted to keep to Stanley’s hand tool legacy, and keep the
design portable & toolbox sized – so we pursued the back
scratching aspect of our starting concept.

Stanley’s audience is the DIY handyman technician type
The innovation in our idea is to take a trivial product that NO
Stanley bloke would buy, and make it a feasible add on to your
Stanley toolset  we decide to make  an accessory that fits into your stanley screwdriver

The scratcher’s rod uses a standard ¼ inch hex that fits into yourStanley screw driver , 
The two-piece telescopic tube extends to any convenient length .


We developed the telescopic mechanism and made our first hex fitting ‘bit’
We selected stainless steel tube for the scratcher’s rod because it
is associated with high quality, durability and matches the current
composition of many of Stanley’s current tools


We experimented with different scratch head geometries until we
found a functional head that embodied Stanley  
 We 3D-printed the scratcher head master in resin and poured
silicon moulds  then and cast the scratcher heads using
yellow pigmented polyurethane resin

We created a vinyl mask for the yellow scratch heads, and sprayed
them with black spray paint. – Problem – mask leakage – more
post finishing  and used black h
for the rubber Stanley logo sheath on the rod

and we make 9 identical product!

Stanley tool style. ready to be displayed on the store!

35x11x3cm l Stainless stell l Casted Plastic 

2017 © Matthew Rice, Dougie Mann, Davor PH ,  Larasati,

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